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About the ElderWise System of Caregiving
Most caregivers want to do a good job;
Certified Caregivers really know how.

ElderWise will train you in the art of Caregiving, teaching you a unique System of Caregiving that is based upon a depth of experience, professional knowledge, and intuitive understanding. Please view our Training Courses page for information about the courses and how to sign up.

Fall courses are coming soon!
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ElderWise Fall 2011 Courses

Martha Miller
Founder and President

Martha Miller has created this comprehensive course of instruction for in-home caregivers over the past fifteen years. Founder of ElderWise, Inc., which provided caregivers to families in Brattleboro, White River, Warren, Middlebury, Burlington and surrounding areas for thirteen years, Martha developed this training for her own caregivers and now offers it to those who want to learn to be in-home caregivers or improve their caregiving skills, and to earn their certification.

Martha has a degree in Liberal Arts from Windham College and has attended UVM, Trinity College, CCV and the Small Business Development Corporation for additional courses in business and gerontology. She received training as a caregiver at The Retreat in Brattleboro, at Farren Care Center in Turners Falls, MA, and has worked in nursing homes and psychiatric nursing homes and hospitals in Vermont, Massachusetts and California. Realizing that she wanted to spend more time with older persons to help them live life to the fullest, she began to do private in-home care in 1995 and created ElderWise, Inc, a business she retired in 2008 to concentrate on teaching.

Martha has been active in developing the field of in-home care. Besides her work as founder and director of ElderWise, Inc., she produced several television shows, Getting Older and Wiser, on BCTV in Brattleboro and in Middlebury, and wrote a column, Close to Home, for the Brattleboro Reformer. Her 80-hour caregiving course is the only comprehensive training program for certification in Vermont. She also gives a short course in Standards of Care, the basics of in-home care. To help caregivers keep good records, Martha has developed a workbook of her own design that is easy for caregivers and familiy members to use. She has trained caregivers in Brattleboro, Middlebury, Burlington, Colchester, Hanover,NH, Warren, Waitsfield, Woodstock and White River.

“One of the best aspects of your course is the ongoing support you provide. You don't just educate us and let us fend for ourselves. I feel grateful to be a part of the ElderWise group of caregivers. Thank you for all you have done and are doing.”

Kelli Moran
Putney, VT

"This has to be one of the most organized classes I have ever attended. You put a lot of time and effort into this course. It was certainly appreciated by me.”

Deb Bubuque
Westford, VT

"I so appreciate all you did to bring us up to speed as caregivers. If we follow your example as kind, compassionate and informed caregivers, all of our clients will be safe, comforted and in the best of hands."

Annette K. Luce
Hanover, NH

I had done a bit of eldercare prior to starting the ElderWise course. I very much enjoyed it and made the decision to become certified because I wanted to do more of this work. I began Martha's course thinking there couldn't be much I needed to learn. How much could there possibly be? So the most valuable part of the course to me was discovering how much I didn't know about being a truly, very good, certified independent professional caregiver.

Every single person out there right now who is caring for the elderly in a non-nursing capacity and in the client's home should be REQUIRED to take the ElderWise course and become certified. If we all care about our elders and respect them, they deserve to be cared for only by certified caregivers. The risk of harm and mistakes is just too great otherwise.

I have gained tons of knowledge about what a CIPC truly does, the laws governing non-medical caregivers, their tax status, the potential liability I take on by doing this work and the necessary insurance required as a result. I learned the importance of Client-Centered Care; that is, making sure the client's needs are met, from the basics of laundry, light cleaning and cooking all the way to enabling the client to have a feeling of worth, being needed, and living a full life - just like any of us would want!

Martha Miller's ElderWise System of Caregiving covers in-depth everything the non-nursing, in-home caregiver needs to know, from A-Z. It was worth every penny - and then some!"

Tracie Adrian
Brattleboro, VT

"Martha is a highly skilled care provider. She has uncompromisingly high standards of performance that she strives to maintain in her work. Her dependability and integrity are of the highest order..."

Richard Davis, RN
Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern Vermont

"Martha Miller has been a live-in-caregiver for me for over a year and I can truthfully say that she has been a life saver for me, and I could not have possibly survived without her. She is loyal, conscientious, honest, a good cook, and a good housekeeper. She is also a good companion and a formidable gin rummy player."

Jacques, P.